• "I really like the way children are taught to look after each other"
    – Parent
  • God is love
    1 John 4:8
  • "Classroom issues are dealt with immediately. The children and parents really trust the teachers and leaders here"
    – Parent
  • “I am with you every step you take. I will never leave you.” - God
    Joshua 1:9
  • "It is really difficult to say how the school needs to improve"
    – Parent
  • “Let the children come to me – the kingdom of God belongs to them.” – Jesus
    Mark 10:14
  • "Our school lighthouses encourage us to make the right choices"
    – Child
  • With God, all things are possible.
    Mark 10:27
  • "Teaching is outstanding over time and is never less than good"
    – Ofsted
  • He will cover you with his feathers and his faithfulness will be your shield.
    Psalm 91:4
  • "Pupils’ behaviour around the school and in lessons is exemplary"
    – Ofsted
  • Your loving father knows what you need…so do not worry about anything.
    Matthew 5:25
  • "Parents strongly feel that the leadership and management involve them in the life of the school"
    – Ofsted
  • Do to others as you would have them do to you
    Luke 6:31
Life at Mangotsfield C of E Primary School Life at Mangotsfield C of E Primary School Life at Mangotsfield C of E Primary School Life at Mangotsfield C of E Primary School Life at Mangotsfield C of E Primary School Life at Mangotsfield C of E Primary School Life at Mangotsfield C of E Primary School Life at Mangotsfield C of E Primary School Life at Mangotsfield C of E Primary School


We have worked hard to develop a consistent approach to behaviour management across the school which creates the climate which allows teachers to teach and children to learn. We very much emphasise and reward positive behaviour and talk to the children using the language of ‘choices’ – so a child either makes the right or the wrong choice.

Each class has a system of rewards known to children and displayed on the wall at all times; these are agreed within the year group at the start of the year.  Praise is high on the list.  There are also more tangible rewards such as stickers, house points, stars, certificates etc.

Class sanctions are sequential, starting with a clear warning. Any serious incident would bypass the stages and a member of the leadership team would become involved. We try to speak to parents if there has been a serious incident or a consistent run of poor choices. We are grateful for the positive support we receive from parents in these situations.

A copy of our Behaviour Policy can be found in the policies section.


Fortunately, instances of bullying within the school are very few and far between.  Nevertheless, the school has a strong anti-bullying policy agreed by the Governors and staff in consultation with parents.  Should you have any concern about your child’s welfare in school, please see her / his class teacher so that we can take whatever action is necessary.  Each class learns about what bullying is and how to deal with it as part of their PSHE lessons.

Prefects and Monitors

As children enter Year 6, they take on a greater range of responsibilities. Children may apply to be a prefect or a monitor. Badges are worn and are highly sought after.

Pupil Profiles

Each child gradually builds up their own record of achievement. It is a collection of reflections, favourite pieces of work and certificates which is added to each year until leaving– usually in Year 6.

WOW slips

If your child has achieved something amazing at home, please complete a WOW slip and send it into the class teacher for recognition.

WOW slips


Lighthouse Certificate

These are awarded weekly and are presented in whole school collective worship. Each teacher chooses a child who has demonstrated our lighthouse values.

Reading Certificates

Each child can earn a series of certificates to reward regular reading practice. These are presented in key stage assemblies.

Personal Certificates

Any child who is awarded a certificate or medal for a special achievement outside school may bring it in to be presented at key stage assembly. 


At the end of each term, we have a Cup Assembly at which cups and runners-up certificates are awarded.

Bignall Cup

This is awarded for ‘consistently well-mannered behaviour’ and was donated by Mr Glen Bignall, who taught at the school between 1959 and 1985.

Governors’ Cup

This is awarded for ‘significant and sustained progress in an academic area.

Lighthouse Cup

This is awarded for living up to the school’s lighthouse values and was donated by Mr Mark Cripps, who was Headteacher of the school between 2006 and 2008.

KS1 Cup

This is awarded for a ‘one off’ achievement by a child in KS1.

KS2 Cup

This is awarded for a ‘one off’ achievement by a child in KS2.

Year 6 Awards

At the end of Year 6, there are a number of cups and shields awarded:

The Dunlop-Moore Cup for the pupil who has made ‘the most significant and sustained contribution to school life’ and was donated by Mr Phil Dunlop-Moore, who was Headteacher of the school between 1995 and 2005.

The Achievement Shield for academic achievement.

The Sporting Achievement Shield for contribution to sport.

The Visual and Performing Arts Shield for contribution to art, drama or music.