Welcome to Mangotsfield Church of England Primary School

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Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing During Lockdown



Faye Kitchen

WELCOME to our fantastic school community!


It is with great pride that I welcome you to Mangotsfield Church of England Primary School, a warm and loving school family with shared high ambition and aspiration for every member within it.


You only need to walk around our school and spend time with any member of our school team to feel the commitment, passion and interest in learning – which alongside the personal development of each individual means meeting full potential. 


Our core Christian values provide a strong foundation stone for building further success and security for life, through the development of positive behaviours and emotional awareness, key indicators for life-long success.


Our motto ‘Working together to be even better today than we were yesterday’  helps every single person become a high achiever, a responsible and respectful citizen with the skills and knowledge needed to lead successful and fulfilled lives both in and beyond school. 


We continue in our aims for high levels of pupil progress - enabled through hard work from our pupils, secondly through supportive families and the skills and passion of well-qualified staff who set high expectations to enable every child to succeed.


I look forward to you joining us!


Faye Kitchen