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Mangotsfield Primary School

Collective Worship

Collective worship is an important part of every school day and is either led by a member of staff or an invited visitor. It is largely Christian in focus, but we ensure it is as inclusive for all of our pupils. 

At Harvest, Christmas and Easter we hold special services for families at either St James' Church in Mangotsfield or in the school hall. At different times of the year, our children are asked to sing on Sundays at St James' Church. Reverend Teresa also leads collective worship once per term in school. 

Collective worship is linked to our RE Curriculum ‘Understanding Christianity’ with each theme reinforcing our Lighthouse Values. We focus upon a different Value each term & strongly emphasise links with our PSHE curriculum and British Values. Throughout the year we invite people to our Collective Worships from the local community & church community to give our messages greater meaning.


Understanding Christianity & PSHE Theme

Lighthouse Value

Term 1


Celebrating Difference

We take pride in being a Church of England School.

We enjoy being creative in many ways.

Term 2



We treat others as we like to be treated.

We do the right thing even when it is difficult.

Term 3


Rights & Responsibilities

We take responsibility for our own thoughts, words & actions.

We are honest with ourselves & others.

Term 4


Keeping Safe

Being Healthy

We keep our bodies & minds healthy & safe.

We believe in ourselves & try to do our best.

Term 5

Other faiths

Celebrating difference

We do all we can to make ourselves & other happy.

We celebrate everyone’s achievements.

Term 6

Kingdom of God

Thinking about the future

We work together to achieve our goals.

Weekly Worship

The structure of weekly Collective Worship enables our children to celebrate & reflect upon their knowledge & understanding of Christianity through exploring their own ideas & beliefs about the world.  The children are given opportunities to participate in our worships through singing, taking part in stories & quizzes. They pose questions to reflect upon in their classes, which are linked to Philosophy for Children (P4C). Their responses are recorded in class P4C Books & are brought together to share in our whole school Collective Worship. 

Worship Workers

Each term we appoint Worship Workers from Years 4-6 to support leading CW. These children express their interest within class worship & are elected by their peers.

These children are involved in; planning worship, setting up the hall ready for worship, waving our worship flags, ensuring all pupils voices are heard through the use of microphones, recording children contributions in our reflection books, leading prayer & leading drama when appropriate. Finally, at the end each theme the Workeres plan a celebration CW to reflect upon our learning & share work produced in RE from across the school. 

 Cup Assembly

At the end of each term, we hold our much anticipated 'Cup Assembly'. This is an opportunity for us to celebrate individual members of our school community who have been noticed by their teachers. 

Our four cups are: 

The Lighthouse Cup - awarded to pupils who have exemplified our Lighthouse Values

The Bignall Cup - awarded to pupils who have shown consistently well mannered behaviour

The Governor Cup - awarded to pupils for significant and sustained academic progress

The KS1/2 Achievement Cup - awarded to pupils for a one off achievement