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Mangotsfield Primary School

Art & Design


Art and Design at Mangotsfield will provide opportunities for our learners to be exposed to a variety of artists and styles, from different cultures and throughout history. Through art, learners will find beauty and inspiration in the world around them. Our Art curriculum will give learners the opportunity to learn a progressive range of skills with increasing confidence across multiple disciplines and consider the role colour plays across them. They will be able to experiment with different techniques and media, and document their progression in sketch books, working towards a finished goal that they learn to evaluate and share proudly with the wider school community. Our learners will have the opportunity to express themselves, developing their own ideas with the help of their peers and the influence of significant artists’ works as well as conveying meaning using colours, textures and tones. Our Art curriculum knowledge is split into three blocks: Exploring and Developing Ideas; Composition; and Colour Theory.

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