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Mangotsfield Primary School



The purpose of science at Mangotsfield is to provide our learners with the skills and opportunities to allow them to think, act and speak like scientists, across a broad range of themes, through quality first teaching rather than simply teaching facts. Although gaining substantial knowledge is an integral part of our learners’ science education, it is both the depth of this knowledge and how they obtain it that is key to their success as scientists. Our science curriculum knowledge is split into four blocks: Living Things; Materials; Energy and Forces; and Working Scientifically.

The fourth block, Working Scientifically, focuses on disciplinary knowledge through ‘Plan, Do, Record, Review’ (PDRR) cycles. We encourage learners to consider every stage of practical investigations; these skills are crucial for developing a skill foundation and passion for the subject to build on beyond Mangotsfield.

As part of our science curriculum, at relevant points throughout the school year, our learners will study the power and influence of key scientists: they will develop a biographical understanding of their lives including their chronological placement and their dreams and aspirations as well studying their crucial scientific work, to understand how their findings influenced the world’s understanding of science.


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