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Mangotsfield Primary School

Curriculum skills & progression

Our curriculum at Mangotsfield adheres to the National Curriculum requirements for 2014. As well as fulfilling academic needs, we aim to provide a varied and stimulating education that takes into account the individual needs and strengths of all pupils.

Every class focuses on the skills needed to succeed ranging from resilience and perseverance to teamwork and independence. Our pupils are taught to use the language of successful learning, to take responsibility for their own performance and to measure their successes against their own baseline.


Subjects and Skills

Individual subjects have been designed to reflect the mix of key focus areas and specific knowledge and progression of skills outlined in the government frameworks. Where possible when teaching, we combine subjects into cross-curricular enquiries in order to make the learning more relevant and more exciting for the children. Year group termly overviews can be found on year group pages of the website.

Please view the key skills documents below which outline expectations for skills and knowledge for each year group. Information about English and Maths expectations for each year group can be found on their specific pages.





Science - Knowledge Key Skills Document

Science - Working Scientifically Key Skills Document

Science has an important role to play in motivating our children to develop an interest and curiosity about the world in which they live. We promote qualities such as curiosity, perseverance and critical thinking in our science lessons through providing opportunities which enable the children to experience exploration, interaction and exchange of ideas.

Art and Design



Art and Design Key Skills Document

"Art has the role in education of helping children become like themselves instead of more like everyone else." S.G.Clemens

The children at Mangotsfield CE Primary are keen artists. Our art lessons, WOW events and clubs allow the children to show off their artistic skills and explore their creativity. Art, craft and design lessons are usually linked to the class topic or an artist study, exploring a variety of different skills. Art is taught by both class teachers and an art specialist teacher (Mrs Bufton). 




History Key Skills Document

Understanding the past, enables children to gain a more balanced view of the present. It is the story of our lives – what is news today will be history tomorrow! We aim to make our history teaching relevant and thought-provoking for the children. Our thrilling WOW events and educational visits help bring history to life in an exciting and creative way.




Geography Key Skills Document

Geography lessons should prepare children to understand, develop and protect our world for future generations. We explore places near to home and also give the children a taste of places and cultures from the furthest corners of our world! Children have many opportunities to ask their own questions and, with a little guidance, find their own answers!

Design Technology



Design Technology Key Skills Document

We are incredibly fortunate to have an extensive range of facilities which enable us to deliver an inspiring design technology curriculum. For example, we have a large cookery room which can accommodate whole classes of children to work together to practise their culinary skills! We collect Sainsbury’s vouchers each year to buy equipment for design technology.




Music Key Skills Document

In addition to whole class music lessons led by classroom teachers and our specialist teacher (Mrs Harris), many children take advantage of high quality peripatetic teaching or attend musical clubs run by class teachers. Our staff are very talented and enjoy performing during collective worship and special events. Each year, we hold a very popular ‘Music Evening’ where we invite all of our musicians to perform to parents/carers.




French Key Skills Document

All children learn french as a modern foreign language. The children have discrete lessons in class but we also incorporate french into our daily routines so that the vocabulary is constantly being reinforced. We are fortunate to have French speakers on our staff who work with classes across the whole school on a termly basis.

Religious Education



Understanding Christianity- RE Curriculum 

Alongside gaining a meaningful understanding of our school’s core Christian values, children learn about a host of world faiths and grapple with philosophical questions in their quest to develop their own individual view of the world. We have collective worship every day and the children have opportunities to visit our local church (St James) and other places of worship. For further information about the curriculum please see R.E. tab.




Computing Key Skills Document

Computing skills are either taught discretely or, where possible, will link to the topic that the class is studying. We are fortunate to have a computing suite as well as a set of iPads that can be used by a whole class. We follow the Switched On Computing scheme of work with each year group being given a wide variety of projects to work on through the year. 




E-Safety Key Skills Document

The internet is now an integral part of all our lives for adults and children alike. At Mangotsfield, we place high emphasis on our children knowing how to be safe using the internet both at home and in school. Children at Mangotsfield are taught to be respectful and safe users of the internet. The E-safety section of our website contains some fantastic resources applicable to all ages. 

PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education)



Jigsaw information for parents/carers

How Jigsaw links to British Values

Our PSHE curriculum helps to develop every child fully as an individual so they are well prepared to be members of families, social and economic communities. To complement our PSHE lessons, we use the Jigsaw scheme of work and include elements of Philosophy for Children to bring learning alive! It has provided another avenue for children to enter discussions and ask questions around new and exciting stimuli.

Sex and Relationships Education

If we intend to teach something that may be of a sensitive nature, we inform parents/carers beforehand. In such cases, opportunities are given to view materials used and give consent before participation in lessons.


Physical Education



Physical Education Key Skills Document

Classes are timetabled to have two PE sessions each week. From Year Two, one of the sessions is taught during the teachers’ weekly Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA) time by specialist coaches from ‘Sporting Chance’. As part of our membership of The Grange School Sports Partnership, we also welcome additional specialist coaches into our school to deliver exciting events such as the Y1/2 infant agility challenge and the Y3/4 athletics challenge. 


Our children have swimming lessons when they reach Year 4 – usually in the Summer term.



For any additional information around our curriculum, please feel free to get in touch or refer to the National Curriculum 2014: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/425601/PRIMARY_national_curriculum.pdf