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Mangotsfield Primary School



Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception)

Classes: Pear, Cherry and Apple

Teachers: Miss Shields, Miss Walters, Mrs Sihag and Miss Leonard

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Manning-Shell, Mrs Osborne, Miss Bush and Mrs Lucsyszyn

Reading Assistants: Mrs Partridge, Mrs Baxter, Mrs Upton and Mrs Gamlin 

Year One

Classes: Holly, Walnut and Willow

Teachers: Miss Lawrence, Miss Dack and Miss Marshall

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Stone and Mrs Brown

Reading Assistants: Miss Davis, Mrs Button and Mrs Hardwell

Year Two                        

Classes: Hawthorn, Poplar and Larch

Teachers: Mr Murphy, Mr Crawford and Mrs Hutton

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Button

Reading Assistants: Mrs Griffin and Mrs McLelland

Year Three

Classes: Cedar, Chestnut and Rowan

Teachers: Miss Stevens, Miss Maudsley and Mr Keates 

Reading Assistants: Mrs Gamlin 

Year Four

Classes: Beech, Lime and Sycamore 

Teachers: Mrs Bufton, Miss Scott and Miss Willmott 

Reading Assistants: Mrs Nicol

Year Five

Classes: Birch, Ash and Elm

Teachers: Mr Churches, Mrs Patel and Miss Duddridge

Reading Assistant: Mrs Darroux

Year Six

Classes: Hazel, Maple & Oak

Teachers: Mr Peplow, Mrs Coetzee, Mr Cox, Miss Scott and Mrs Moorhouse

Reading Assistant: Mrs Pritchard