This is the place where you will be able to find information about EYFS. We will update this area regularly with home learning tasks and our termly overviews. Please check the newsletter for updates and key dates. You can always arrange an appointment with the Office to meet with us should you need any further information.



 Home Learning

Reading home learning

Read 5x per week and record in reading records.

 Phonics home learning

Please support your child to practise writing each new letter sound as it is learnt. Practise sheets are added to their letters and sounds folders every Monday.

Phonics Workshop Powerpoint

 Home learning

 Home learning tasks can be found by clicking the link below.

Home Learning



 Curriculum Information  


Term 5


 Curriculum Evening PowerPoint 


Phonics Learning

So far we have learnt the following sounds and tricky words:


s a  t p i n m d g o  c k

ck e  u r h b  f l ff ll ss

j v w x y z zz qu

sh ch th ng 

ai ee igh oa

oo ar or ur

ow oi ear

air ure er 

Tricky Words

 I no go the to into

me be we he she you are they was my her all


Click on the sounds to access and print additional letter formation sheets 

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  General Information


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