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Mangotsfield Primary School


At Mangotsfield, we put our children into one of our six houses when they start school. The house system allows children to work with others from Reception to Year 6 and encourages them to build friendships outside their usual class groups. We put children from the same family into the same house where possible so that parent/carer and children’s loyalties are not split!

Our houses are named after planets: Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn. We ask children to wear clothing that represents their house during house events. 

Every child at our school is fully involved with the house system. Children are rewarded for good work or behaviour in class with house points. This means that each class contributes towards the total house point score at the end of each week. In collective worship the weekly totals are announced and a ribbon is rewarded to the winning house. At the end of each term, a house reward is given to the house that achieves the greatest number of ribbons.

At the beginning of each year, new captains and vice captains are elected by the members of each house.