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This is the place where you will be able to find all of the information about Year 6. We will update this area regularly with homework and our termly overviews. Please check the newsletter for updates and key dates. You can always arrange an appointment with the office to meet with us should you need any further information.



Our Class Contracts

Hazel Class Contract

Maple Class Contract

Y6 E-safety Contract

Meet The Teacher

If you are not able to attend our meeting, we hope to catch up soon.  In the meantime you will find all of the information that we discussed by clicking the links below. 

 Meet the Teacher

Y6 Camp Information

Okehampton Kit List

Final Camp Reminders

Click the link below to view a list of our exciting topics for this year and the KEY QUESTIONS that will guide our learning along the way, as well as some signposts for upcoming events.

Y6 Yearly Overview



Y6 Hand-in day: THURSDAY

Each child is issued with a homework folder which is updated with new tasks every Friday.  If you need to download another copy, click the links below:

Reading Comprehension

Maths Homework

Spelling & Vocabulary Homework


 A summary of the weekly homework expectations is below:

 Reading homework

Every child is required to complete a minimum of 4x reading at home every week. We would also recommend that every child is read to by an adult once each week. (This counts as a maximum of 1 out of 4).

 Every time you read:

Write the title of the book you read;

Write the page numbers that you read.

Once per week:

Write a summary of what you have read that week -  just ONE summary for the week;

Grown-ups - Please sign your child’s reading record AT LEAST ONCE PER WEEK to confirm that the above homework is complete.


  Maths homework

Every child will be given a maths worksheet which reflects what has been covered in class - though there may be sometimes be new content too.  All maths homework is marked and responded to in class every Friday, when new homework is also given out.


English Homework 

Every Friday, each child will be given a short reading comprehension to complete at home.

Please complete the "Vocab-Lab" sheet (on the back of your spelling sheet) using a word that you have come across in your reading this week. (if you are finding it hard to choose one, use one of your spelling words)


 Spelling homework

Each child will have a personalised list of 10 words to learn at home each week, generated from words used in their reading & writing during the previous week.  These will be in their homework folder.  Children should practice using "LOOK-COVER-WRITE-CHECK".   Please test your child once a week at home.There will be a  test in class every Friday.


In term 4 we will hold our annual Spelling Bee - the list of 100 words below will form part of our spelling work between now and then:

2019 Spelling Bee