To all our Apples, Pears and Cherries, welcome to the EYFS home learning page! This iswhere you will find activities to help you learn at home. There are lots of links to websiteshat we have used in school too – we’re sure that your grown-ups will enjoy Jump Start Jonny just as much as you do!

Parents / carers – the children have all been given a pencil and exercise book where they can complete any recorded work. If they have been off school last week, named packs are available for collection from the school office but if you are unable to come in, then any paper or notebook will do.

We will update this page each week with a week’s worth of activities, as well as daily
Phonics videos and story time videos. We understand that you are likely to be balancing the schedules of more than one child, as well as your own home work load and so please feel free to arrange the daily activities (the majority of which are play-based) to suit your family’s needs. That said, we would suggest that the Phonics videos and accompanying activities are done in the morning when the children are more alert.

There is no obligation to mark your child’s written work, although we’re sure they would
love it if you ‘tickled pink’ any super segmenting.

Although we’re not together at the moment, we are thinking of you all, hope you are safe and well and look forward to seeing you all again soon.


The EYFS Team


Weekly Learning Project Pack



Phonics Week 1:

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Phonics lesson videos

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 Day 9:

Day 10:


If you are unable to see the links above, you can access each day's videos by clicking on the buttons below: 

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Story Time

Bog Baby

I Can Fly

Where's My Hat


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Weekly Learning Project Pack

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