Year 3
We hope you are taking care of yourselves and having lots of fun learning at home. Please continue to keep yourself safe, healthy and active. Make sure you are still washing hands and staying inside your home/garden unless it is absolutely necessary to go out.

Here is your learning pack for Week 2. Work your way through these as  you like and there are links and resources to help you. 

We have some more videos for you to enjoy below, including a new story! There are also two amazing quizzes, custom made by the Year 3 team, for you to use. They are linked in the pack and also on the website below. 

As with last week, you can carry on marking work your children produce if you like but there is no expectation for this. You can also continue recording however you like!

We hope you might be getting used to the learning packs now and this new way of working from home. We also hope you have enjoyed your new teachers this week!



We hope to hear from you on Class Dojo and see you very soon!  

from Mr Cox, Miss Britton and Mrs Patel


Week 2 Learning Pack:

A more printer-friendly version


Oxford Reading Buddy:

Oxford Reading Buddy guide for parents 

Oxford Reading buddy login guide 


Three item story writing:



 The Book with no Pictures:

Trip down memory lane:



Complete this quiz when you have finished your spelling work:

 Complete this quiz when you have read the Roman fact file in your learning pack:


Week 1 Learning Pack:

If you would like to access anything from last week's learning pack, you can find it here: 

Learning Pack Week 1

RE Week 1

Work pack Intro:

Project intro:

Escape from Pompeii - the bits we didn't read!: